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Aromatherapy, also referred to as Essential Oil Therapy, can be defined as the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted aromatic essences from plants to balance, harmonize and promote the health of body, mind and spirit. It seeks to unify physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to enhance an individual's innate healing process.

As a holistic practice, Aromatherapy and Essential Oils can be both a preventative approach as well as a reactive approach to assist the body's natural ability to balance, regulate and maintain a state of homeostasis.


               Maintain a healthy immune system

                 Soothe sore muscles and joint

                 Support respiratory function

                 Provide emotional support

                 Help balance hormones

                 Promote healthy skin

                 Boost energy levels

Blended Drops Aromatherapy utilizes the expertise and experience of a Certified Aromatherapist and Registered Nurse to educate and inspire individuals as they navigate the complex yet amazing world of Aromatherapy. We provide safe and ethical alternatives to help restore and maintain natural health and wellness utilizing multiple holistic modalities.

Blended Drops Aromatherapy believes that by working together, we can provide the knowledge and assist implementation of aromatherapy products safely and effectively. Our philosophy follows the well-known quote,

"If we replace 'I' with 'WE', even ILLNESS becomes WELLNESS!"

Contact us as we would be honored to work together as you begin your journey to achieve homeostasis of body, mind and spirit utilizing nature's drop at a time!!!

About Us

We began our Aromatherapy Practice combining our years of medical experience with knowledge of the chemistry and how the individual components of the essential oils may help the body repair itself physically, mentally and emotionally. We only utilize the most natural, organic, safe, pure and quality essential oils and products available in our synergistic, customizable blends. 


Our Services

  • Learn how Aromatherapy can safely and effectively support your health!

    1 hr


  • Perfect for additional issues after initial full consultation.

    30 min


  • Have us turn your favorite Custom Blend into a different product!

    5 min


  • Your Custom Blend is working well but it's time to re-order!

    5 min



What People Are Saying...

My wife introduced me to Randy after she had been using an oil blend with significant positive results. My mother-in-law also used an oil blend that Randy created that resulted in her best lab tests in five years. 


I was having trouble sleeping and did not want to resort to prescription medications, so I made an appointment with Randy. I was immediately drawn to his experience in the medical field and his thorough knowledge and expertise of essential oils. 


Randy was able to provide some wise counsel and created a blend that helped me tremendously.  Due to noticeable positive results, I referred my 82-year old mother to Randy.  My mom suffered from nerve pain in her feet and lower legs, along with some other ailments.  Randy provided her with an oil blend and pain gel mix; my mom is like a new person. 


I also had the privilege to meet Randy’s wife, Therese.  She too is an incredible person. Randy and Therese are two of the finest people I’ve ever met. Their care and compassion for others in an example for all and helping people feel better is their priority. 


If you are suffering from any physical or mental ailments and don’t know where to turn, call Randy.  Talk with him and see what he can do. I’m also confident that if Randy, for some reason can’t assist you, he will say so.  He won’t string you along.                     ~Tom, Henderson, NV

I was diagnosed late 2019 with stage 1 kidney cancer and had a partial nephrectomy done. I choose to go with complementary methods for pain relief rather than the traditional medication prescribed by the doctors. Best decision ever! Started the essential oils the day of my release from the hospital. By the next day I was off the prescribe medications and sleeping thru the night. Both Randy and Therese were great! Within a week they had followed-up on my pain management to see if I needed any adjustments to my blend. The blend was amazing and required no tweaking. If you are looking for alternative pain relief I highly recommend them! Also Therese “M Technique” work wonders to relax my husband thru all this. Thank you both!                                                                                                        ~Rebecca, Las Vegas, NV



I was introduced to essential oils back in March of this year and I am truly amazed at what a difference they have made in my life!

Randy was very helpful in finding the right blends for my situation and Therese and the 'M' Technique® were exactly what I

needed! My life has definitely been changed by the oils and the compassion of these wonderful folks! Thank you so much.

          ~Lisa Las Vegas, NV



I have suffered from insomnia for over 12 years and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called Hashimoto. I never slept and

if I did, I would wake up every couple of hours and watch the clock until my alarm went off. Every day was a struggle, exhausted,

run down, no energy, anxiety and emotional because I was so tired of being tired and nothing worked for me. I worked out 4 -5 times

a week, ate healthy, never ate sweets or anything that tasted good because it went straight to my waist and I still kept gaining

weight. I met Randy & Therese and my life was changed forever! Finally, someone who listened and cared. After a 2-hour

consultation, Randy chose to address my Hashimoto's first. He carefully handpicked pure essential oils and made a special

customized blend for me. After 4 days of following Randy's directions, I was sleeping! Yes, not for a couple of hours but 8-10 hours a

night and no more waking up every couple of hours to watch the clock. At first, I this really happening and then night

after night I kept falling asleep and sleeping all the way through the night until my alarm actually went off! I couldn't believe it. I

actually slept night after night. I was thinking clearly, had energy, was losing weight, no more anxiety but the best part I was off all

medications and prescriptions and loved life again!!! I feel like I was given a second chance at life, as a wife and mother I needed to

feel good again and have the energy to keep up with my family. Thank you, Randy & Therese, for giving me my life back!

~Kendal Henderson, NV


I am doing so much better. I hardly notice the discomfort in my hips and back. I sleep so much better! Thank you for making the

choice to let the Lord use you for helping and enlightening people like myself.                                                                                      ~Jacqui, Hawaii

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