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We all know that Essential Oils are potent, effective and can support overall health, but they are not miracle cures. Please use your own discernment about your health and seek appropriate medical attention when necessary. Because of their potency, Essential Oils must always be used safely! Always dilute them in a carrier oil, at the proper dilution rate, and never ingest Essential Oils without the consultation of a qualified, certified aromatherapist.


Aromatherapists do not diagnose, prescribe, or treat disease. We are not licensed to offer any kind of medical treatment. You are encouraged to seek advice from a licensed medical practitioner regarding medical issues before seeking advice from an aromatherapist. We can’t prescribe medicines or treatments, we can’t offer to replace any medical treatments or prescribed medications. We can’t offer cures or claim we can heal any health issues. When we suggest which Essential Oils to utilize, we are simply sharing how Essential Oils can help with overall well-being and assist the body toward homeostasis. We are simply sharing our knowledge and suggesting which oils might help someone feel supported, not treated or cured. We strive to teach our clients what Essential Oils are, therapeutic properties of each oil, how to determine purity, and how to safely and effectively utilize the oils. In addition, we obtain a health and medication history to assist us in determining which chemical constituents in each oil may be beneficial or which should be avoided. When we create a custom blend, we only utilize pure, unadulterated essential oils, backed by the GC/MS technology. Not all companies offer GC/MS reports for their essential oils. This doesn’t automatically mean they are adulterating their oils, but seeing that a company does offer the reports to consumers is a great way to know how committed they are to quality control. Don’t settle for a “standardized” report, but rather a GC/MS for each and every batch of essential oils the company sells. Fortunately, there are plenty of essential oil companies committed to the purity of their products, by offering GC/MS technology.


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