The ‘M’ Technique®

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‘M’ Technique® (Full Body)                                                                                                                                     $70

This technique has clinically demonstrated to relieve conditions as stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, chronic  pain!


The ‘M’ Technique® IS NOT MASSAGE THERAPY but a registered method of gently, structured touch performed by a Registered Nurse. Because the ‘M’ Technique® is gentle, it can be utilized when traditional massage may be inappropriate. The ‘M’ Technique® works on skin receptors that send signals to the brain. According to Dr. Jane Buckle, developer of the technique, the repetitive strokes of the ‘M’ Technique® have been called "physical hypnotherapy". Brain imaging research found the effect of the ‘M’ Technique® on the brain was different than conventional massage. The results showed the ‘M’ Technique® affected a different area of the brain which produced more relaxing effects. Research at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York showed this technique was found to have a pronounced parasympathetic response. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a cardiac surgeon at Columbia Presbyterian and Emmy award-winning host of "The Dr. Oz Show", has experienced the simple, gentle, safe and effective relaxation personally and endorses the technique. Anyone can take advantage of this touch therapy and experience a deep sense of relaxation to overcome the symptoms of chronic pain, stress, anxiety, fear, grief, insomnia, or anger. The ‘M’ Technique® Full Body Session can be enhanced by the use of therapeutic essential oils when our Certified Aromatherapist is consulted.


‘M’ Technique® (Extremities)                                                                                                                                 $40

Achieve Relaxation and The ‘M’ Technique® Benefits from the Hand/Arm/Foot/Leg Session!


When a Full Body Session is not feasible, clients can achieve relaxation and the benefits of The ‘M’ Technique® through a Hand/Arm/Foot/Leg Session. The Certified ‘M’ Technique® Practitioner uses touch on the client's extremities for comfort, care, relaxation and to promote healing through this session. The ‘M’ Technique® is suitable for the frail, critically ill, stressed, as well as healthy individuals of all ages. The ‘M’ Technique® Hand/Arm/Foot/Leg Session can be utilized with or without the integration of our therapeutic essential oils, when our Certified Aromatherapist is consulted. The Extremities Session takes about 30 minutes to complete. The Practitioner ensures client privacy and dignity is fully maintained. Please note The ‘M’ Technique® IS NOT A MASSAGE THERAPY, but rather touch therapy provided by a Registered Nurse specifically trained in this method.


What People Are Saying...



For about the last year, I have been receiving the 'M' Technique® from Therese regularly, about twice a month.  The treatment is like a massage in some ways with a very gentle touch.  I look forward to my appointments and always leave feeling better than when I walked in — more relaxed, yet stronger.  I don’t know exactly how the 'M' Technique® works, just that it does!  It’s one of the things I do for me and my physical and emotional well-being.  I happily recommend Therese and her 'M' Technique® and trust her completely with my care.                                                                                                              ~ Becky T. Henderson, Nevada

I had the 'M' Technique® done by Therese and it was unlike any experience I have had before. I have anxiety, and find myself having difficulty relaxing during massages or falling asleep at night. During the 'M' Technique®, her touch was so gentle and soothing to my body that I fell asleep and was able to relax the entire time. Before the session she walked me through the process of what the 'M' Technique® was, what she was going to do and how I should feel afterwards. Also, her room is very relaxing, clean and professional. I loved that she has Randy (a Certified Aromatherapist) on staff. After a brief conversation with Randy, I was able to customize the session with pure essential oils, based upon my anxiety, as well as my personal scent preferences. I would recommend her to anyone, and I only trust Therese with this procedure. I will never go anywhere else! Thank You!                                                                                                                                                                 ~ Tina M. Henderson, Nevada

I have had the 'M' Technique® twice now and I absolutely love it. It is calming and relaxing. I recommend it to anyone and everyone!                                                                                                                                                            ~ Lisa S. Las Vegas, Nevada

I am used to massages, but the ‘M’ Technique® was completely different. I was very relaxed, fell asleep on the table, and by the end of the session my headache that I had all day was completely gone.                                          ~ Maureen K. Las Vegas, Nevada

After suffering years from chronic anxiety, I was introduced to the 'M' Technique®by a friend. I was very skeptical about achieving any relief. After the first session, I was so amazed at how different I felt. I was more calm and relaxed than I had been in years. The gentleness of this technique was exactly what I needed! I look forward to each of my sessions, as I know I continue to get the benefits I greatly need.                                                                                                                            ~ Barbara M. Henderson, Nevada

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