What if a WORD could change your life?


Words are very powerful...they can heal - they can inspire - they can empower!


The personal motivation that we can find in the power of a single word can change our lives. We all have experiences that have changed or re-shaped our lives in amazing ways! What WORD would you use to define your life-changing moment?


Therese has become a Certified MyIntent Maker and she finds such joy in helping people find their WORD! The MyIntent Project is designed to be a catalyst for meaningful conversation and positive action. After all, anyone can buy a piece of mass-produced jewelry...so why not buy something that is much more than just jewelry? Let Therese create a CUSTOM piece made with YOUR WORD, with the thought and energy put into it to serve as a daily affirmation. Each custom piece allows you to choose your word, whether it is to inspire, to motivate, or to remind you of something special!


The bands are meant to wear away while you carry your word around, focusing and living its true meaning. Once the band wears away, it is possibly the time to move to another WORD...to overcome, to identify a new passion, or as a reminder to have faith, hope, love, or courage!


Each piece is hand-stamped one letter at a time, and with that comes the uniqueness! In fact, becoming a Certified MyIntent Maker has been a great exercise and lesson for Therese personally...it is allowing her to let go of her perfection (as pursuing perfection can often hold us back). Therefore, each stamped token may turn out with slight variations on the spacing or angling of the letters...just like each of us..."perfectly imperfect"!!!


Therese's goal is sharing, communicating, and empowering others to live their intentions. Whether you are an individual, a couple, a family, a group or an organization, she can help you find YOUR word or phrase that means something special. Your intention can be designed into a bracelet, necklace, keychain, or a loose token to carry in your pocket or purse! Contact her to schedule a time to speak to decide upon YOUR WORD (or words) that you'd like CUSTOM created just for you!


Looking for a way to have a unique fundraising, team building, or school function??? Invite her to your next event to make unique, individuals pieces for your guests.  










If you SEE it...you can BE it...if you BELIEVE it...you can ACHIEVE it!

Contact us TODAY to discuss YOUR WORD and let us CUSTOMIZE for YOU!

To learn more, watch the Today Show Feature on MyIntent...
"What you THINK about you BRING about!"

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